Video Transcript

Welcome my fellow Australians

Thanks for taking the time to look me up. I have a 10min presentation on the State of the Nation, from a citizens point of view.

My name is Chris Greaves I live in the electorate of Forde and have done so for the past 15 yrs. I have a family with 2 children who go to school in our electorate. I’m into self sustainability growing a lot of our own food, raising chickens and tending to our beehives.

I’m semi religious in the catholic faith, and try my best to live by those values. Respecting all creatures, and always trying to love my neighbours. Aspiring to leave this earth better from my being here.

I like to get up early and train my boys before school, I’m a current division 1 reserves player for the Beenleigh Buffaloes AFL club. I have represented this club for 16 seasons so far, I have also been a junior coach for the past 6 seasons. Earning life membership. Whilst also giving me insight to a wide spectrum of community members.

I’m not a master of politics nor a master of fine details. I am a master at having a CRACK.

Now that‘s enough about me for now, although it has layed the groundwork for my campaign. I’m a self funded INDEPENDENT going to take a chance for OUR community.

My campaign is based on the need to rebuild our COMMONWEALTH through helping the INDIVIDUAL SUCCEED. Also to bring some common sense community voice to the government, instead of the party politicians we in Forde have endured for way to long.


For the INDIVIDUAL to succeed we need our RIGHTS to sovereignty over our own HEALTH, FINANCE and KNOWLEDGE, without judgement, ridicule or pressure to conform.

For some common sense voice to succeed we need YOU the people of FORDE to take a CHANCE and VOTE for me.


                                              Now for my STATE of the NATION address

As a general overview our nation is in a pretty good spot, that being said I think we’re at a fork in the road, one way being SOVEREIGNTY the other being CORPORATISM/FASCISM.  I feel we’re taking a turn for the latter destination, with 6 main groups starting to flex their muscles.

The first one being the DUOPOLY we call our political system, with constant rule changes, no integrity commission, donations unreported except in election cycles, keeping superior finances to buy election campaigns. Making it unattainable for most community members to be able to challenge the status quo.

Meaning the party gets to push it’s agenda instead of representing the people they’re meant to represent. As is the case in Forde where our representative is too busy being the liberal whip or PARTY POLICEMAN to represent us.

One of the agendas was in the early 2000’s to turn Australia into a CORPORATION instead of our sovereign commonwealth nation. Now this can be taken a few ways, and of course LEGALLY it’s not quite right, although in theory and practise it is.


Because in theory Corporations always funnel the money to the top at the expense of the workforce. As is happening in Australia’s case for the past 20 years.        ALSO

In practise because everything in a CORPORATION is dollars and cent, which we all are now, a number on an expense chart instead of sovereign citizens benefiting in OUR COMMONWEALTH.

With our INEPT elected officials always towing the party line, never breaking ranks and smothering our voices. This LIBERAL GLOBALIST POLITICAL ORDER has got to change. WE NEED INDEPENDENT VOICES.


Where has our bank for the people gone? Party politics again stripping the wealth of the people?

These big4 banks made 15 billion PROFIT in 6 months to the pockets of shareholders NOT the PEOPLE. Corporations paying the top again, from the work and money of the people. Meanwhile us common people are drowning in debt to scared to rock the boat for fear of losing everything to these RUTHLESS BANKERS/GANGSTERS.


These Corporations are Spiritless and EVIL. Making money on addictive medicines with no accountability or consequences. After a prolonged campaign to discredit any natural treatments, to advance their agenda of a population dependent on their medicines. Withholding beneficial treatments to feed their profits, not caring if they bankrupt families in the process.

These corporations act with IMMUNITY and GREED, our good health is not in their business model



These Corporations are among the worst on the planet. They fund climate change denial whilst being one of the main drivers in climate change. They charge a fortune for a product that is monopolized with no care for the flow on effect. They started to lose business with the rise of electric vehicles now everything is wrapped in plastic, including fruit to feed their profits. Meanwhile we the people keep getting ripped off, our environment is really suffering with micro plastics, and yet there is NO accountability to the environmental damage from plastic and pollution from their industry.

Meanwhile record profits to the top.


In the last 20yrs shopping deregulation combined with the greed of big business has absolutely destroyed our local and nationally owned businesses. Nearly all our corner stores are gone, and the way we are going all the small businesses are next. Let’s not forget what these corporations have done to our farmers, our food bowl gets absolutely screwed over. For all the work and effort they get the least reward. All profits to the top. All the jobs and taxes dodged or taken overseas. EVEN with all our wealth and pride MADE IN AUSTRALIA has nearly DIED.


 No way should any Corporation outpower OUR GOVERNMENT.

Media is another monopoly all working together to suit their agenda.

Too much owned by Too few makes it one sided PROPOGANDA with all other views being SILENCED. One sided news is not news. We are a free people with free speech we cannot be CENSORED.

If they can censor and track everything that has been going on in our country, I’m sure they can censor and track all Pedophilia. But they turn a blind eye to that.

Also no id or facial recognition to access pornography UNDERMINING and ENABELING the collapse of our common MORALS and VALUES.

We can start to see the CORPORATE EFFECT on AUSTRALIA in everyday life,

There’s a real reduction in MORALITY, INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, LOYALTY, FAIRNESS and most important of all TRUST.


I feel this is leading to NO COMPASSION for the INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, COMMUNITY and COUNTRY.


Which means the individual instead of being an asset is now a burden on an expense chart that can’t be shaken off quick enough. If you declare a relationship to our government you are straight away scrutinized and financially penalized. If your new partner is a good earner you may lose your Sovereignty over your finances and be made to become a dependent. Losing the rights to health care cards, Bulk billing doctors and dentists and most importantly AFFORDABLE SCRIPTS. This really acts as a deterrent to people thinking of making a commitment to each other, really puts pressure on family finances. It can really change the whole relationship dynamic.

It forces families towards childcare where most of the second wage goes, where the kids do a bigger day than the parents. The kids aren’t learning any FAMILY CULTURES, MORALS or anything. Most troubling of all is the kids lose the time to BOND and make CLOSE CONNECTIONS with family.


Our pensioners the building blocks of our society, are under enormous financial scrutiny and stress. Not only are COUPLE RATES UNAUSTRALIAN, THEY ARE A FORM OF FINANCIAL PRISON. I never see couple prices at the movies or at dinner or on rego or on anything really. What a corporate scam only a corporation could pull that off because it does not represent any definition of COMMONWEALTH I could find. Pensioner and disability pay rates are a whole other topic but grossly inadequate.

So, we can see the effect so far on the individuals, and the families. On it flows to our communities.  

Now our families are never home enough to know our neighbours properly, to swap grown vegies, fruits or biscuits. To borrow a cup of sugar here and there. To put the bins out for the old couple across the street. No local corner store for the kids to meet. Now it’s race inside dinner bath and bed do it all over again tomorrow. The community sports and arts are really struggling in participation mainly due to the massive expense that is TIME.

Our communities are on the brink, all our services are overloaded. Many on the verge of going extinct.

So now we can see how the top-heavy model of corporate Australia is affecting our people, and how it undermines the strength and foundations of our nation.

As much as we are looked at as a wealthy nation, it is only at the TOP.

Mussolini said Fascism could also be called CORPORATISM.


Our laws now subjugate Australians to an expanding POLICE STATE all the while elevating the POWER OF CORPORATIONS above GOVERNMENT.

                                                                IT HAS TO STOP



Our spineless shills of representatives are nothing more than PIED PIPERS playing the tune of their masters, who hide in the shadows. Showing absolutely no remorse.

We need leaders we can RESPECT and STRIVE to EMULATE.

As I mentioned before I am a beekeeper, and what I have learnt is very different to what I previously believed. It is commonly accepted that the queen bee is in charge of the colony.

When it’s the colony that controls the queen. For if the queen is not doing her job properly, laying in the right pattern, producing enough larvae or showing signs of weakness the colony will REMOVE HER. The colony will then make a new queen of their choosing and REPLACES HER.

We have a lot to learn from bees, every bee has its role in the colony. They all progress through life doing different roles at different stages, until eventually they finish life as an INDIVIDUAL. Able to go as they please knowing the colony has strong foundations and is working hard all contributing their piece for the good of their COMMONWEALTH.

We need to protect the INDIVIDUAL and FAMILIES for too long they’ve been under attack.


The last 20yrs has shown us a dedicated plan to destroy our families and communities to make us RELIANT and COMPLIANT to the GOVERNMENT CORPORATION.

They have brainwashed us to hate each other instead of LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOUR. All the while fixing the world to their FAVOUR.

I read a quote along the way it was “learn your adversaries sport it will teach you how they think”

Our adversaries are the BIG CORPORATIONS. They like to BULLY, INTIMIDATE, SILENCE, AND BANKRUPT any OPPOSITION. Blurring the lines of ACCOUNTABILITY trying to lose you in red tape and paperwork to overwhelm you into SUBMISSION. While swinging of loopholes and sub clauses written by them FOR THEM.

It is TIME to change the game back TO OUR FAVOUR. They can stop us protesting but NOT VOTING.

I’m calling on all Australians and especially those in Forde to vote for an INDEPENDENT. Let’s get some COMMON SENSE in our COMMONWEALTH.

Thanks again for your time, I hope to meet as many of you as I can over the next few months. I will work my hardest for our individuals, families, community, and country if given the CHANCE. THANKS                                       
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