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NOT the Party!

My State of the Nation Address:





The Wheels are Turning!

With 3 weeks to go, I’m focussing on getting my message out.
After the last few years, between the increase in climate change issues, the increase in social isolation and the ever-rapidly increasing cost of living, it’s clear our government is more disconnected from reality than ever.
Our very own prime minister confessed he had no clue what the price of milk was. It “wasn’t his job”.
It’s simple: they make the decisions. We wear the consequences.
We need to bring the voice of the people back into parliament.
I promise to be that voice for Forde.

Informed Direct Democracy

Politicians love to make their campaigns about themselves.
I want mine to be about YOU – the COMMUNITY – MY COMMUNITY.
I want to be your direct representative, to represent ALL of your views to the government.
I want to voice all of your concerns directly to them, so they CANNOT ignore the voice of the people any longer. So that our laws become an accurate representation of what we, the people subject to those laws, actually want and believe in. Not just what benefits them.

With that being said, please click on the video above to learn how I plan to help you voice your concerns directly.

Why Me?

So, Chris Greaves promises to be the voice for Forde…but why should you vote for him?
Unlike the parties, I am running as a self-funded independent.
Unlike the parties, I am actively involved in my community every single day, not just when elections are around the corner.
I’m a father, bee-keeper, footballer, football coach and driving instructor. This gives me plenty of exposure to our community’s views and needs. I’d like to represent them in our government.
If you’d like to know more about what I represent, please check out the article Jamie Furness from Park Ridge News wrote early this year by clicking here.
Or better yet – send me a message. I’d love to chat.

Self Funded

Free Thinking


Cantwell Place Beenleigh.